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Diesel Oil Filter

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Product Name: Diesel Oil Filter
Product Code: Metal Filter Series

With stainless steel woven wire mesh as filter materials, the diesel filter elements have good strength and good anti-breaking strength. The filtration rating is an absolute value ranging from 5 to 200 micron for options. It is special for filter of diesel fuel and other coarse filter. Filter elements for diesel can be reused after cleaned with less cost. Special sizes can be processed according to customer specifications.

Property and Work Conditions:
Standard fuel flow: 60-120L/min
Work pressure: ≤ 3.5 Pa
Work temperature: -- 25 - +55 degrees Celsius
Filtering accuracy: 5-200 micron
Joint thread standards: 1-1/2-16UNF-2B, 1-12UNF-2B, 1-14UNS-2B
Uses: Petrol, diesel and other fuels

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