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Anping Ruiyang Filter Materials Factory was founded in 1992, located in the "the hometown of wire mesh" Anping, accorssing from the well-known International Wire Mesh Convention and Exhibition Center.In order to meet the long-term business strategy, Anping Ruiyang Filter Materials Factory will set up a sales company in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, which registered as Ruiyang Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. In addition, the factory has a design, production experts, but also has advanced production line Equipment and improve the center's laboratories, various experiments, testing equipment and perfect after-sales service.The factory commit to the production of filter, filter element, filter disc, filter caps, expanded metals, punching hole mesh, sealant, and stick Agent, filter paper, sticky sintering and the sintering. Technology: package side, the cutting, a round roll, bending, welding, welding rolling, welding, molding and so on. Shape: round, square, oval, diamond-shaped, curved, trapezoid, cone-shaped and so on. One-stop production and sales processing services to take advantage of many years of development, and now owns 2,880,000 yuan of fixed assets, more than 58 employees, all types of technology 18 personnel, all kinds of welding spot welding, a single point, welding machines, rolling machine, the CD side, bending machines, 28 sets, and so on, have formed a specialized research scale, large production capacity Production plant. The company mainly produce the famous "SUN" series license products such as filter, filter elements. There are two kinds, including more than 100 varieties of products.These products are mainly used for food, beverage, chemical, petroleum products, water treatment, chemical industry, electric power, chemical fiber, machinery, film, plastics, pharmaceuticals, construction machinery, heavy vehicles , Luxury buses, ships, diesel power units, air compressors, powder coating, industrial dedust, environmental purification, mechanical equipment, paint , high-temperature exhaust,foreign trade export and other fields. Annual output of filter is 900,000 and the complete production value is 9,800,000 yuan.They provide the domestic and foreign distributors and customers with a comprehensive security services.

Main filter: filter element, disk filter, filter cap, filter, filter cartridges, air filter,liquid-gas filters, filter paper, sealant, basket-style filter, filter cover, aluminum foil wire mesh, hydraulic Oil filter, stainless steel tube, stainless steel modular filter, stainless steel shaped filter, stainless steel filter element,filter basket, stainless steel filter, stainless steel cartridge, the sieve tube, sintering network filters, water filtration , Nylon filter, the tube nylon mesh, nylon filter, power filter, filter for the chemical industry, oil water separation filter, dedust filter, sticky sintering, the sintering network, the pleated filters, stainless steel sintered metal fiber carpet ; Cylindrical filter, oil sand control screen, oil sand control screen cover, multi-layer filter cartridges, water filters, wedge-shaped filters, environmental protection and gas pipe filters, environmental protection and filtering tubes, spiral pipe, valve filter, filter powder, machine Core filtration, filtration mine, the municipal leisure perforated metal, punching hole mesh; stainless steel wire mesh. All of products’s material is stainless steel. accuracy filters for the absolute heart rate with a high tolerance, straightness, without any glitches, with a corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, acid, formed on the surface, bright, comfortable feel and other advantages. These products can be customized according to customer’s requirement and in accordance with drawings or developed by OEM way.

Our company insist on the management idea ‘quality of the first, the supremacy of the credibility’ which can produce in accordance with customer demand.The lowest price rely on 'the hometown of wire mesh' advantages of raw materials and a strong local logistics systems.the products what you order can be transported quickly and safely to the desitination.

Anping Ruiyang Filter Material Factory gain the customers’s trust and satisfactory with the most favorable prices and the quickest way.Company’s focus will be on developping himself into one of largester manufacturers and suppliers not just in China,but in Asia. Manager Zhao is willing to welcome friends from various social sectors to visit his factory and sincerely hope that cooperate with you for mutual benefit in order to make up a gold wire mesh road together for common development.
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